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Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Travel Altar Christmas Gift Set

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This is a special gift set created with love and care. This special gift set is specially designed to give someone in this Christmas. This gift set includes the Tibetan Buddhist ritual items. This gift set contains the following items:

1. Sandalwood rope incense
This is extracted from white and red sandalwood, saldhup, spikenard, cinnamon and cloves. This is abundantly used in stupas, temples for aromatic ambiance.

2. Medicine Buddha Kopan Nunnery Incense
This Incense is made of the finest ingredients, based on a combination of herbs from Tibet and Nepal by the nuns of Kopan Nunnery. It uplifts and inspires the mind and counteracts depressions and anxiety. This incense is 5" long.

3. Sandalwood Prayer Mala
This sandalwood beads mala is a 108 prayer beads and has a guru bead at the center. This sandalwood mala gives a lingering sandalwood aroma. The beads are smooth and are beaded perfectly allowing just enough movement of beads to perform japa.
These prayer beads are generally used as japa mala while counting the mantras recitation, breaths while meditating, counting prostrations or the repetition of Buddha's name.

4. Spiral design clay incense burner
This burner is special made to burn Rope incense, Stick incense and Tibetan Stick Incense. The incense burner is 3.5" diameter

5. Cotton Om printed scarf
This beautiful cotton scarf is in blue color and it is printed with Hindu Om and deities. Best to be worn around the neck and shoulder area on sunny days, also could be used as bandanas or wrap it like a muffler. The scarf is 56" X 12" long.

6. Clay Shakyamuni Buddha statue
This is a beautiful handpainted Shakyamuni Buddha statue made of clay. The statue can be placed in altar or simply in a study table. The statue is 4" high.

7. Seven Chakra bracelet
This is a seven chakra healing beads bracelet. Each of the beads represent the chakras of our body and is believed to activate and channel the true energy flow. The bracelet has three white metal spacers.

8. Windhorse Prayer Flags
This is 10 sheets of cotton prayer flags handmade in Nepal. The prayer flag is printed with Wind Horse and its associate mantras. The four corners of prayer flags are printed with Tibetan guardian Garud, Dragon, Tibetan Snowlion and Tiger.
Size: Size: 7”x 6”

9. Lokta paper eight auspicious symbol printed prayer flag
These mini Prayer Flags are made of Himalayan Lokta Paper and hand Printed by using wooden block prints. Our artists cut the perfect size of various colored papers and then block print them with images of Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbols and tie them using adhesive to the cotton thread.
Set of 24 Flags
Dimension/Size: Each individual Paper flag: 2.4"X2.4"/ 6.1cm X 6.1cm

Total Gift Set Weight: 650 grams approx