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Garnet Root Chakra Bracelet

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Small Garnet Beads Bracelet, Garnet Gemstone Bracelet, Root Chakra Bracelet, Protection Energy Stone, Garnet Beads

Garnet is known as a protection energy stone. It boosts the entire bodily function and revitalizes. It protects from the evil, sudden fits, anger, nightmares, from accidents etc. Negative energies are persuaded to leave the body when this is worn.

Garnet is associated with the Root Chakra. Bring ones power from the bottom, it helps in understanding our inner goal and helps in achieving ground reality which leads to happiness, prosperity and positive energy.

Also used as abrasives, it is believed to sand your negative thoughts, bad karma and evil and then leave a polished, cherished and beautiful soul.

Free adult size, the beads are hand woven in the elastic band, easy to wear and take off. Fits most wrist as it is stretchable.