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Tibetan Flaming Sword Clay Wall Hanging

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This is a beautifully hand carved and painted clay wall hanging hand made in Nepal.

The flaming sword represent light or transformation. It can cut things in two, but it can also cut into one, by cutting the self/other dualism. It is said the sword can both give and take life. The sword cuts through ignorance and the entanglements of conceptual views. It cuts away ego and self-created obstacles.

This wall hanging is has been amazingly carved giving each details perfectly. The border of the wall hanging has been carved with beautiful flowers, Dorjee, lotus petals and painted with Red, Green, Orange and Golden color. The outer border of the wall hanging is carved as a flame in golden color.

This is a very unique wall hanging which not only adds beauty to your home but it is It is one of the eight symbol of good luck.

Size: 14" Diameter x 1.5" Height/ 36 cm Diameter X 4 cm Height
Weight: 2260 grams approx