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Tibetan Eight Auspicious Symbol With Chhepu Brocade Wall Hanging Banner

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This is a beautifully embroidered Eight Auspicious Symbols with Chhepu banner with Om Mani Scriptures. Chhepu is brother of Garuda, and Hitimanga. He is known to be a mythical creature with serpentine features. He was said to have lived in the lake that is now the Kathmandu valley. The face of Chhepu is carved on all gates of temples where he is depicted to be eating his own tail.

The Maroon polyester fabric is heavily embroidered with Tibetan lucky symbols and then framed on a Hongkong silk brocade with 3 inch fringes.

These banners are popular among the Tibetan Buddhist and feature prominently in their altar room and living room.

Material : Polyester Brocade

Size: 43" L x 9"W( Plus 3 inch fringy threads)
Weight: 140 grams

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