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Tibetan Deity Incense Powder

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These incense powder are handmade based on the principles of the ancient old Buddhist Medicinal practice. According to the Tibetan medicinal theory, these powder incense made from various herbs and medicinal plants found in the high Himalayan range helps relieve tension, stress, anxiety,depression, irritation and also has high significance as offering to various gods and goddess.

Our incense powders are free from any toxic or addictive defects and are 100% natural and chemicals free.

1. Medicine Buddha: Sandalwood, Juniper, Ghanten Khampa and other precious herbs and medicinal plants.     
Medicine Buddha prevents the diseases, vanquish sexual desire, ignorance and anger.        

Mantra: OM Bhaisjye Bhaisjye Maha Bhaisye Rajasamudgate Svaha

2. Guru Rinpoche Incense Powder(Sang): Cedarwood, Spikenard, Ambegriss and other precious herbs and medicinal plants. 

Guru Rinpoche will defeat obstructing evil and help one's to accomplish your aim. Also help one's to gain empowerment. 

Mantra: Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

3. Mahakala Incense: Anthopogan, Ghantan Khampa, Titepati and other precious herbs and medicinal plants.

Mahakala defeats obstructing evil and demon. 

Mantra: Om Srimahakala Yaksavaitali Hum Jah

4. Vajrakilla (Phurpa Dorjee) Powder Incense: Juniper Berry, Red Sandalwood, Gurgum and other precious herbal and medicinal plants.
Vajrakilla is a self protection deity and protects one's from devil.

Mantra: Om Vajra Killikilaya Sarva Vighnanbam Hum Phat

5. Kalachakra Powder Incense: Agaru, Ghantan Khampa, Juniper Berry and other precious herbal and medicinal plants.
In short term Kalachakra will help you to overcome obstacle and in long term it helps you to attain nirvana. 

Mantra: Om Hamksamalavaraya Svaha

These powder incenses will be packed in a nice Nepalese Lokta Paper packing when shipped.

Burning incense is an important ritual in all major Buddhist traditions, but the purpose and symbolism of incense are slightly different for each tradition. In Buddhism, incense acts as an offering to Buddha, or the enlightened ones, as well as a symbol for various aspects of Buddhist belief and an aid to positive thoughts and actions.

Procedure: Burn few peices of charcol or incense sticks and then put some of the incense powder from the top to the fire either just put into fire house. We get the fragrance of these aromatic herbs gently. These powder incense is use in Buddhist tradition for praying, offering, purification and meditation. 

Size of Packet: 6.5"X 4.5" inches
Weight when packed: 155 grams approx.

Regular shipping: 14-28 days.