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Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Copper Vase Bhumpa Set

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The Bhumpa is a Tibetan Buddhist healing water vase. Bhumpa is used to store holy water during Buddhist teaching. The Bhumpa vase has a long spout for pouring out water and also is used with a detachable Peacock feather water sprinkler. The holy water is believed to remove negativity and evil spirits. The water in the Bhumpa is sprinkled to purify objects, and person.

During the performance of some Tantric rituals two matching Bhumpas are used. These are called the "chief" or "principal" vase, and the "action" or "working" vase. The principal vase is filled with holy water and remains upon the altar in the monastery or temple, while the action vase is used for the actual pouring of water for purification during the various stages of the ritual.

These fine pair of Bhumpas are of high quality and they are used in Buddhist ritual ceremony. This Bhumpa is handmade in Nepal by Tibetan artist from Kathmandu near Kopan Monastery, who has wide knowledge regarding Tibetan Art and Culture.

Size: 8" L X 4" W
Weight: 740 grams approx