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Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Chod Drum Damaru

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This is a wooden framed Chod drum damaru handmade in Nepal. Damaru is a two-headed drum. It has significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, the damru is known as the instrument of the deity Shiva. In Tibetan Buddhism, the damaru is used as an instrument in tantric practices.

This Damaru comes with a brocade cover. The beautiful and colorful religious Chukor is attached to the damaru.

Note: This Damaru comes with Red and Yellow brocade cover. You may get any colors of brocade cover either Red or Yellow.

Size: 8.5" Length x 4.1" Height
Weight: 815 grams approx


What is a Chod Drum Damaru?
The Chod Drum Damaru is the very central instrument of Chod, a ritual Tibetan practice. The word Chod literally means "cutting through". It cuts through various hindrances and obstacles normally done through means of powerful rituals. It becomes a channel that links us to the essential source, which is beyond even name and form. The Chod Damaru is a very unique instrument that has symbolic meaning to each of the parts that it contains. 

The Chod Damaru is made from sallow wood (European Willow) from which the shell of the Damaru is made. The Chod Damaru is made in specific dimension, having specific ratio in both diameter and depth. It is said that if the Damaru is made correctly then, it gains various extraordinary properties. Once the Damaru is made it is hand painted to give its authentic look.

The drum of the Damaru is made of Goat or Sheep skin that is very durable and is hand painted. The drums of the Damaru are put in to place; white conch shells are then added in the shape of a ring around the strap of the collar for better support to handle the Damaru. The Damaru is then encased in a special cases that are made of silk or wool that protect the Damaru from moisture and various other damage that also helps for easy transport of it.