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Tibetan Buddhist Incense Collection- Set of 6

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Introducing the exquisite Tibetan Deity Incense Collection, a divine assortment crafted with care and reverence to elevate your spiritual journey. Each incense in this collection is inspired by revered Tibetan deities, embodying centuries-old traditions of aromatic bliss and spiritual connection.

The set includes:
1) Spiritual Home Tibetan Incense- Harmony and Joy
2) Padhmasambhava Tibetan Incense- Wish Fulfilling
3) Chenrezig Tibetan Incense- Compassion
4) Zambala Tibetan Incense- Wealth
5) Mahakala Tibetan Incense- Positive Thought
6) Tara Tibetan Incense- Himalayan Herbs for Healthy Living

Each stick is meticulously handcrafted using natural ingredients, including Himalayan herbs, resins, and aromatic woods, following ancient Tibetan recipes for purity and potency. Let the fragrant smoke of our Tibetan Deity Incense Collection transport you to a realm of tranquility, blessings, and divine connection.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets and away from all flammable materials.
Never leave burning incense unattended and avoid drafty areas such as open windows etc.
This incense, although non-toxic, is not for human consumption.

Made in Nepal.

No. of incense sticks: 32 x 6
Length of incense stick: 7 inches approx
Burning time: 75 minutes approx.
Weight: 390 grams approx. (65g each)