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Tibetan Bodhi Beads Prayer Mala with Citrine and Coral Counter

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This is a Bodhi seeds prayer mala from Nepal. Bodhi tree is the very tree where Lord Buddha meditated for years and years to attain enlightenment.

The mala contains 108 Bodhi seeds and can be used as japa mala, prayer mala, meditation mala or just as a beaded necklace. This mala has two Citrine spacer and one coral bead spacer. This mala has double fish carved guru bead. To add beauty to this mala, there are two small brass beads which are decorated with coral and turquoise pieces in the tassel.

This mala is strung in a nylon thread and has adjustable string tassel.

Total Length: 40" round
Beads Size: 10 mm
Weight: 95 grams