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Three Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads 55 mm

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This is a beautiful Tibetan Dzi bead with three eyes. This bead is barrel shaped. This is a genuine beads and this type of Dzi beads is believed to conjure up the powers of the Tibetan Wealth God to enhance prosperity luck. A symbol of long life and happiness.

This beads is believed to gain the power to protect bad chi and bring the luck. The three-eyed DZI symbolizes the three Gods of luck, which brings the person who wears the DZI happiness, longevity and honour.

The hole is pierced through the length. It can be worn as a pendant or can be beaded into a bracelet.

Size : 55 mm L x 13 mm W
Weight: 15.08 grams approx

Note: Due to the manual measurement, Please allow 1-2 mm differences.