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Thousand Arms Lokeshwor Resin Statue RST019

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This is a beautifully handmade colorful depiction of A Thousand Arms Lokeshwor. It is believed that Avalokitswora vowed to free all sentient beings from samsara and would not rest until he has completed the task. Despite strenuous efforts, he realized that there are many beings who are unhappy and are suffering. His head splits into eleven pieces. Seeing this, Amitabha Buddha comes to his rescue and gives him eleven heads to hear the cries of the beings in suffering. While attempting to reach out to all those suffering beings, his two arms are shattered. Amitabha Buddha again comes to his rescue and gives him one thousand arms which helps him reach the suffering beings.

Size : 3"L X 1.9"B X 5"H
Weight : 260 grams

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