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The Red Cycle Menstruation Bracelet

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This is an informative glass beaded bracelet to track the female menstruation cycle. The bracelet is designed in a way that is easy for the teen girls to know more about menstruation cycle. The bracelet has 5 Red beads indicating the menstruation period. There there are fourteen crystal beads . Day 1 to Day 7, there is minimum chance of getting pregnant. This window of 7 days is marked by a flowery silver bead. There is one orange beads after that which indicate the fertile period or ovulation. After on wards the last 5 crystal beads indicate the PMS ( Pre Menstrual Syndrome).

This informative and useful bracelet is made by Sochai, a youth led organization. This organization is  supporting women, children, girls and families reach their full potential in life by improving their health and breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and malnutrition.

Size: 3" and further stretchable
Weight: 10 grams approx