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Stunning Lapis Lazuli Healing Medicine Buddha Statue 7" High

  • $1,490.00

This is a very wonderfully carved Healing Buddha statue handmade in Nepal. The stunning lapis stone makes the statue looks peaceful. The robe of medicine Buddha is decorated with beautifully carved gold plated silver frame. Lapis Lazuli is believed to quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace and brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.

Medicine Buddha is also called Bhaisajya Tathagatta or healing Buddha. He is able to cure sickness of birth and death. His body is bright like Lapislazuli. He resides in the eastern world of purified lapislazuli. He is assisted by two Bodhisattvas called Suryaprabha and Candrapraha, to transform and teach living beings in that land.According to the Bhajsayaguru buddha Sutra, he made 12 great vows before his attainment of Buddhahood. They are: to eliminate sickness from all living beings and make them feel easy and happy in order to attain Buddhahood and to liberate beings from disasters and calamities. In Tibetan medical tradition Bhaisajya Buddha is said to be the source of all medical treaties. This Buddha is invoked for eliminating disasters and sickness.

Size: 7"Hx5.7"Wx2.7"D
Weight: 1440 grams approx


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