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Sterling Silver Om, Vajra and Buddhas Eyes Carved Pipe Ghau Pendant

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This is a beautifully handmade Om, Vajra and Buddhas Eyes Carved Pipe Ghau Pendant Pendant by Nepalese artists. It is used to put in mantras from prayers.

Each of the carvings on the ghau pendant have their own specific meaning and significance.

The term vajra is a Sanskrit word that is usually defined as "diamond" or "thunderbolt." It also defines a kind of battle club that achieved its name through its reputation for hardness and invincibility.

OM is a sacred sound considered by many ancient philosophical texts to be the sound of the universe, encompassing all other sounds within it.

Buddha eyes are representative of his ultimate knowledge and power. These eyes look in four directions to symbolize his wisdom and omniscience.

You can gift this elegant pendant to make someone feel special.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Size of Pendant: 1.2" L
weight of pendant: 1.46 grams approx

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