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Spaciousness: The Radical Dzogchen of the Vajra heart

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Spaciousness The Radical Dzogchen of the Vajra-Heart This famous seminal text of radical Dzogchen provides a profound yet simple poetic statement of how it is to immerse oneself in the matrix of the now and recognize buddha. It is the personal statement of a peerless yogin-adept. Certainly the magic of his poetry impresses us that way and surely this Treasury of the Dharmadhatu, the Choyingdzo, reveals the consummation of Dzogchen. In it we are assured that over and above all the yogas and dhyanas of Hindustan, all the ritual and magic of Tibet and all the quasi-religious new-age therapies of the West there exists a simple, timeless manner of being, easy of access, requiring no onerous technique or renunciate lifestyle, that can give us some constant satisfaction in this vale of laughter and tears between birth and dying. From the Introduction by Keith Dowman With Longchenpa, Dzogchen Ati reaches its most complete revelation; the Choyingdzo is?Longchenpa's most lucid and revealing statement of the vajra-heart; and Keith Dowman has made a fine translation.The pathless path of Dzogchen comes alive in this poetic exposition of the apex of Tibetan mysticism. Bhakha Tulku Pema Rigdzin As one who has grappled with this challenging, inspiring, wonderful text, I am delighted to see another attempt at conveying the great Longchenpa's definitive exposition on the Dzogchen approach of original purity. Richard Barron, Lotsawa The form of language, the translation, the use of poetic invention creates an atmosphere of understanding, as if a mahasiddha were writing in Oxford English with a touch of American slang. This is radical Dzogchen?not only in the actual teaching itself, but also in the quality of the translation that strikes the flint of idiom to create sparks of wisdom that reveal the whole hologram. John Tischer, Poet As the old Tibetan teachers of Buddhism pass away, a few younger ones are stepping up to the plate; but the teachers who really take the old lamas' place are like dirty old nondescript rocks, lying on the ground grinning, like Keith. Catherine Alelyunas, Yogini

Author: Keith Dowman

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