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Six Armed White Mahakala Copper Statue

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This is a copper handmade statue of White Mahakala. Lord Mahankal is also considered as a form of Lord Shiva. Mahankal is believed to the controller of time and one who can save from bad times in the life of the people. The statue is made perfectly with each details. All the carvings are hand beaten carvings which look very distinct and unique.

White Mahakala is rare form of the wrathful Buddhist deity Mahakala. White Mahakala is associated with the attainment of wealth. His lower right arm holds a hand drum, damaru in Sanskrit. According to the strict rules of Tibetan - Buddhist iconography, the damaru is held and played in the right hand, and its function is to summon or invoke all of the Buddhas, inspiring them with supreme joy.

White Mahakala is adorned with jeweled ornaments and wears a beautiful skirt made of many scarves with jewels hanging down on the skirt.

Size of Frame:8.5"H x 6"W
Size of Statue: 5.5"H x 5"W
Weight: 1980 grams approx