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Singing Bowl with Buddhist Deities

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Buddhist Deities are enlightened beings who have chosen to postpone their own full enlightenment to stay in the cycle of birth and death (samsara) to assist and guide other sentient beings towards liberation and enlightenment. They are revered figures in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, where they play a crucial role in the spiritual practices and devotion of followers.

1. Green Tara: Green Tara is one of the most beloved and revered Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. She is often depicted as a young and compassionate female deity, sitting gracefully with one leg tucked in and the other pendant, ready to spring into action to assist those in need. Green Tara is known as the "Mother of all Buddhas" and embodies the compassionate and nurturing aspect of enlightenment. Devotees believe that she is swift to respond to their prayers and offers protection, guidance, and blessings.

2. Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava): Guru Rinpoche is a highly venerated figure in Tibetan Buddhism, and he is considered the "Second Buddha." He was an Indian sage who played a crucial role in spreading Buddhism to Tibet during the 8th century. Guru Rinpoche is often depicted with a peaceful and compassionate countenance, wearing the saffron robes of a monk and holding a vajra (thunderbolt) in one hand and a skull cup filled with the elixir of immortality in the other. He is associated with various tantric practices and is considered the founder of the Nyingma school, the oldest school of Tibetan Buddhism.

3. Amoghasiddhi: Amoghasiddhi is one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas in Vajrayana Buddhism. The Dhyani Buddhas represent different aspects of enlightened consciousness. Amoghasiddhi is associated with the accomplishment of fearlessness and represents the purified element of air or wind. He is often depicted in a green color, seated in the meditative posture, and displaying the Varada mudra (gesture of granting boons) with his right hand.

4. Manjushri: Manjushri is one of the most prominent Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism and is revered as the embodiment of wisdom. He is depicted as a youthful figure holding a flaming sword in his right hand, which symbolizes the cutting through ignorance and delusion, and a book (Prajnaparamita Sutra) in his left hand, representing the transcendental wisdom of the Buddha. Manjushri's wisdom is said to be so profound that he can help beings navigate the complexities of existence and lead them toward enlightenment.

These figures play essential roles in various Buddhist practices, rituals, and meditative visualizations, and they hold great significance in the spiritual lives of Buddhists around the world. Their presence is a source of inspiration, guidance, and support for those seeking liberation and enlightenment within the Buddhist tradition.

This singing bowl comes with a mallet and ring cushion.

Singing Bowl:
Size: 3.2 inches in diameter
Weight: 205 grams approx.

Mallet: 5"/12.7cm approx.
Ring Cushion: 3"/7.6cm

(Please choose a color of the ring cushion from the choices: Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow and write it in the checkout comment section; else a random color of our choice will be given)