Shingkham Kuenkhyap Dakpa Tamdin Tibetan Incense


The Tibetan word Shingkham means ‘world of the Buddha’, Kuen means ‘everywhere’ and Khyap means ‘to spread’. This incense is a special one that was produced exclusively for the Potala palace at Lhasa. It contains all the requisite herbs and substances to worship and please Gyalwa Rignga (the 5 Dhyani Buddhas)’s Shingkham (palace).

The purpose of incense is to provide an aromatic environment to purify our thoughts of conflicting emotions, calm the body and mind, sharpen our senses, help focus and concentrate; as an aid to meditation and prayer and bring vitality and inner peace to oneself. To provide you with products based on this theme as a companion in your solitude is our mission at Dakpa Tamdin Incense.

Size: 9.5"
Weight: 120 grams approx
No of incense: 25 sticks

Dakpa Tamdin incense also boasts of being purely handmade, 100% vegan, with no artificial fragrance and is prepared and maintained under strict hygienic conditions. Our incense also lasts longer than most other incense available in the market because of its superior ingredients. We do not use paper or any other cheap materials that are quick to burn.
We hope you enjoy the oriental fragrance of our exquisite creations, the fruit of many long years of experience, practiced skill, continuous improvement and passion of our grandfather along with the collective effort of our grandmother and great grand aunt.