Day Time Shanti Dhoop Tibetan Incense

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Shanti Dhoop is prepared after the ancient Vedic recipe. All these ingredients are natural herbs, plants, leaves and tree bark. This incense has been made by Lama Dorjee. The incense is wrapped in a cotton bag in order to avoid damage.

Benefits of using Shanti Dhoop Day Time Incense

There is a belief that, Yogis, Rishis and Munis has used this incense recipe before the day break to get relieved of tiresome mental works. Therefore, this day time incense is recommended to burn during the hard day's work so that you will have a relaxed, peaceful and pleasant day.

Main Ingredients
Spikenard, Valarian , Greater Cardamon, Clove,
Nutmegs & other curative properties herbal plants.

No. of Sticks: 19 with incense burner
Length: 15 cm
Burning Time: 45-60 minutes
Weight: 35 grams approx.