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Seven Chakra Carved Meditation Tibetan Singing Bowl

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This is a brass singing bowl hand carved in Nepal. The singing bowl is beautifully carved with seven chakra symbol of human body in a meditative posture. The edges of singing bowl is finely carved with symbol of chakras. 

The singing bowl plays G Note. 

The singing bowl is made from seven metals representing different planetary influences:

* Gold = the sun
* Silver = the moon
* Mercury = Mercury
* Copper = Venus
* Iron = Mars
* Tin = Jupiter
* Lead = Saturn

This singing bowl comes with a set of one drum stick, suede mallet, and ring cushion.

Size of Bowl: Size of Bowl: 9.5" - 10"diameter x 4"- 4.2" H
Weight: 1465 grams approx (Weight might differ according to singing bowl)

Size of Drumstick: 8.7"
Size of Fat Mallet: 7.5"

Size of Ring Cushion: 7"

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