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Satya Nag Champa Palo Santo Incense Sticks, Set of 12 Packs, Each 15 g

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Gift Set of 12 Boxes - 15 gm each box.  
Scent: Palo Santo

Stick length; 20 cm
Total: 180 grams

Burn Time: Approx 45minutes

The mystical scent of this holy wood from the Latin American countryside receives new relevance in the Indian spiritual context.
The Palo Santo flora incense aids inner balance, and also acts as an effective natural repellent & is great during a massage owing to its calming effect.

CAUTION: For Fragrance Purpose only.
Keep out of reach of children, pets.
Never leave burning incense unattended,
and make sure all ashes fall in ashtrays or burners.

Satya  Nag Champa Palo Santo Incense Sticks are made from a special mixture of herbs, floral extracts and oils, which are hand rolled onto a bamboo stick. Each stick is about a gram, and burns for 30 minutes. The box contains 12 smaller boxes which have around 10-11 incense sticks that are exactly 15 grams each in weight. The Yogic meditation incense is very popular amongst yoga centers, musicians for its aroma. It is mostly used for meditation or to relax in a pleasant aromatic environment.