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Riwo Sangchoe Morning Prayer Bhutanese Incense

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Riwo Sangchoe Morning Prayer Ceremony Incense is a blend of six excellent medicinal ingredients, five aromatic herbs and Rinchen Nge Nga (Five Precious Gems) apart from other medicinal plants. The Fragrance and composition of Morning Prayer Ceremony Incense is so rich and exclusive and it is always used for Choed-pa or offering to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Guardian deities of the ten directions to purify negative karma and protect the spirit from harm and ultimately helps to bring you good luck, peace and harmony.

Bhutanese incense are manufactured with utmost care and in strict compliance by Kesang Poizokhang, specialist in manufacturing Bhutanese incense sticks in collaboration with Menjong Indigenous Herbal Medical Centre, Thimpu Bhutan in dedication to world peace and promotion of Buddha Dharma.

Size of Incense Stick=20 cm/8"
No. of Incense Stick = 32
Weight: 100 grams approx