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Ribo Sangchoe Ancient Tibetan Traditions Shechen Monastery Incense

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According to Dudjom Rinpoche, Riwo Sangchoe is one of the most influential practices for the benefit of both living and the departed soul. In this practice, offerings are made to each and everyone (alive or dead) who has karmic connection with us through which the obstacles to our lives and health are removed, our connections with others are healed, setting them onto the path of enlightenment.

Riwo Sangchoe is used by Buddhists as a pure and sacred offering to the sense of smell, whereby it is said to be able to not only please the Buddhas and Guardian deities, but also to satiate the ordinary beings from the six realms and pacify demons and obstacle makers.
This Riwo Sangchoe is carefully prepared according to ancient Tibetan tradition. Its ingredients include some kind of materials like (Red Sandal, White Sandal) and special sacred substance, which are all precisely combined in order to make this supreme offering.

Incense Count: 30 Sticks
Incense Size: 10" long
Weight: 95 grams