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Radiant Gold Jewels Green Tara Sculpture: A Nepali Masterpiece

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Elevate the ambiance of your living space with the profound beauty of Tibetan art embodied in our meticulously crafted 14.5" Green Tara statue, seated gracefully within a double lotus pedestal. This exquisite masterpiece encapsulates the essence of a revered protective deity from the realms of Buddhism, handcrafted with unparalleled skill and devotion.

Every intricate detail of this art piece has been lovingly brought to life through the careful strokes of expert artisans, ensuring that the delicate features and divine aura of Green Tara are vividly portrayed. The statue stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance of Tibetan art, inviting you to embark on a journey of contemplation and awe-inspiring aesthetics.

With a height of 14.5", the Green Tara statue commands attention while exuding an air of serenity and grace. The lifelike rendition captures the essence of Tara, the compassionate and ever-vigilant guardian, as she extends her hand in a gesture of fearlessness and benevolence. The intricate hand-painted hues, from the serene greens to the radiant gold accents, enhance the depth of her presence and the symbolism she embodies.

Seated in a posture of tranquility within a double lotus pedestal, Green Tara's divine energy is anchored firmly to the Earth while her spirit soars. This sacred arrangement further signifies her connection to the spiritual journey and the harmonious balance she represents.

Bringing this Green Tara statue into your home is not merely an act of decoration; it's an invitation to invite the divine into your space. Let the aura of protection, compassion, and enlightenment envelop your surroundings as you immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Tibetan spirituality and artistic expression.

In a world where true craftsmanship and spiritual resonance can be rare finds, this Green Tara statue with its double lotus seating stands as a beacon of authenticity and artistry. Allow its presence to remind you of the profound connection between the material and the spiritual, while infusing your environment with the timeless allure of Tibetan culture.

Size: 14.5"H x 9"B x 8"Depth
(9.5"H Statue only)

Weight: 4.845 kg approx