Pure Mountain Deity Incense Powder

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This Pure Mountain Incense Powder is specially formulated as a ritual offering to the Tibetan deities. Completely hand prepared using the high altitude herbs, spices and medicinal plants of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, these powder incense are 100% natural.

1. Guru Rinpoche Incense Powder:
Guru incense powder is entirely handmade from precious herbs from mountains of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. This incense powder is specially for offering to Guru Padmasambhava during prayer of wish fulfilling and protection.

2. Green Tara Incense Powder:
This incense powder is handmade from natural herbs and is specially dedicated to Green Tara. Its fresh aroma guides your senses to the pure environment of the Himalayan mountains.

3. Medicine Buddha Incense Powder:
This incense powder is made according to traditional method with herbals from mountains of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Its natural fragrance purifies the atmosphere for daily sang offering.

4. Mahakala Incense Powder:
This Mahakala incense powder is specially made according to the ancient formula. It generates powerful energy to reduce negative emotions and fear. Mahakala is known as swift accomplisher of wishes.

Weight: 150 grams.