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Pure Aromatic 4 in 1 Incense Bamboo Gift Pack

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This is a 4 in 1 gift pack pure aromatic Nepali dhoop. This Natural Nepali Incense/Dhoop has a pleasant aromatic and rare Himalayan herbs. This incense is non-toxic and non habit forming.

Perfectly safe for the inhalation and the environment as well.

This gift pack includes the following:
1. Cedar Wood
Aroma: Woody Reminisent of Sandalwood but slightly dryer

2. Nagchampa
Aroma: Sweet and Flowery

3. Musk
Aroma: Strong and Musky

4. Rose
Aroma: Deep, sweet and flowery-an exquisite perfume

This incense gift pack also contains one wooden incense burner of 1.5"

Size: 7.2"
Weight: 120 grams approx