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Plain Black Bone Japa Mala

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These japa malas are handmade using bone and are very smooth and shiny. The beads are 10mm in size and has been strung in a durable thread leaving enough and exact spacing for the right sliding of beads.  Malas or bracelets have one extra bead in the center which is called Guru Beads or BINDU(point). If a mala does not have a Guru Bead or a BINDU, it is believed that the energy is cyclical and the wearer feels dizzy.

The traditional number of beads in a mala is 108. The beads themselves, made from variety of seeds, wood, and semiprecious stones, are worn around the neck or wrapped in coils around the wrist.

Total Length: 75cm/29.5"(one end to another)
Beads Size: 10mm
Weight : 105 grams
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