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Pilgrim Incense for Spiritual Happiness

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Pilgrim Incense-Symbol of Zenith-For Spiritual Happiness

The ancient art of making incense is the traditional masala method in which natural resin, flowers,spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs are blended with the natural glue to create these non stick incenses.

This traditional incense revives this tradition with its exclusive masala fragrance. It contains 35 rare Himalayan Herbs including Sandalwood, Kut, Rupkeshar, Cardamoms & other excellent medicinal ingredients. This incense has a unique composition and benefit of having spicy and floral aroma. This incense is packed into the Nepali Handmade organic paper.

It contains 19 sticks, 22cm long. Each stick burns 2.5 hours approx.

Length: 22cm
No of Sticks: 19
Weight: 85 grams