Partly Gold Plated Akshobhya Buddha Statue 5.5" H


This is a 5.5 inch high copper statue of   Akshobhya Buddha made by a third generation sculptor in Patan, Nepal. The statue is partly gold plated. The statue making follows a strict guidelines and measurements set as per the ancient Tibetan texts and scriptures. The face of the statue is gold plated and glowing. Akshobhbya Buddha is  one of the Five Dhyani Buddha.

Buddha Statue is seated in Dhyana Asana or Meditative Pose, also called Padmasana. In this position, the legs are crossed, closely locked with the soles of both feet visible. Lord Buddha is wearing a detailed carved monastic robe incised with floral motifs. He is seated on a single lotus base also known as Padmasana. His left hand is in the earth touching gesture or bhumisparsha mudra, while his right hand holds a medicine bowl.

Size :5.5"H X 4"W X 2.5"D
Weight : 513 grams

Some precautions you should keep in mind when cleaning gold statues.

In the case of gold painted on face, do not touch or not to clean with cold water. Gently wipe the dust with soft cotton.
Do not use scrubbing cloths that are highly abrasive. Similarly, avoid using steel wool or metal bristled brushes as they will leave scratches on the surface of the Statue.
Try avoiding touching gold statues too much. Oil from your hands can hasten the tarnishing process and reduce the life of your gold objects.