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Partly Gold Plated Shakyamuni Buddha Statue 5.5"

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Introducing our elegant Partly Gold Plated Shakyamuni Buddha statue, a symbol of inner peace and wisdom. Standing at a compact 5.5 inches in height, this beautifully crafted sculpture blends traditional reverence with modern aesthetics.

This Shakyamuni Buddha statue features a delicate balance of gold plating, adding a touch of opulence to the timeless design. With a serene expression and closed eyes, it conveys a sense of inner tranquility and enlightenment.

The Buddha's hands are gracefully positioned in the Dhyana mudra, inviting you to connect with your inner self and find inner peace through meditation. This statue serves as a meaningful reminder of the Buddha's teachings, encouraging mindfulness and wisdom in your daily life.

Perfect for your meditation space, home altar, or as a thoughtful gift, our Partly Gold Plated Shakyamuni Buddha statue is a compact yet profound representation of the path to inner harmony and spiritual growth. Embrace its presence as a source of inspiration and peace on your spiritual journey.

Size: 5.5" Height x 4" Wide x 2.2" Depth
Weight: 565 grams approx.