Partly Gold Plated Magical White Tara Statue 8 Inch


This is a Partly Gold Plated Copper Statue of White Tara, the goddess of compassion. Her love heals at the source of disease, bringing health, strength, longevity and beauty. The work on this statue is delicate and very fine. It is made with a lot of hard work and comes out very clean.

It has been NepaCrafts mission to help and support artists from different walks of life. In this journey, we found this beautiful White Tara statue. This partly gold plated tara statue was made by a sculpture in Patan. With diminishing demands for statues, lowered prices for works of arts due to high competition with machine made statues, the artist was not able to sell his statues on a timely basis and had collections of over 50 statues. And on our mission to uplift the lives of artisans and to help them with sustainable income, we purchase the statue and are bring them to you.

Size: 6.3"L X 3.5"B X 8.8"H
Weight: 1200 grams