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Palo Santo Stick Incense Peru

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Experience the enchantment of Palo Santo with us.

Our premium artisanal incense is crafted from 100% natural Palo Santo wood sourced from fallen trees, authorized by Serfor, and naturally dried. Hand-rolled by skilled Peruvian artisans, our Palo Santo incense carries on a tradition rooted in our Inca culture for centuries.

Known as "Holy Wood," Palo Santo has been revered for its ability to purify auras, dispel negative energy, and alleviate tension in the body. It's recommended for individuals coping with depression, anxiety, and stress.

Our product is 100% sustainably harvested and ecological, with no chemical additives. Each stick burns for approximately an hour, offering you a serene and rejuvenating experience.


Length of incense stick = 7.5"
No. of Incense in a Pack = 10
Weight: 55 grams approx.