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Padmashavari Pandemic Diseases Protection Amulet

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This is a Tibetan protection amulet. This amulet is also known as the protector of pandemic diseases. It is believed that amulet protects against evil disease or unhappiness. The charm amulet has a mantra paper folded into many folds and intricately woven by colorful nylon thread in a mandala outline.

The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak has caused so much fear and tension in the lives of each and everyone in the world. This amulet helps in controlling the negative thoughts and release the positive energies which is very vital to fight any kind of illness in the present context of the world.

This amulet can be worn as a pendant or could also be hanged on the door. Most people also carry it in their pockets or place it in their wallets or purses.

These are protective charms or amulets.

Size: 1.8"x 1.8"
Weight: 5 grams approx

Note: This amulet believes to create positive energy to fight against all negativity and protect from evil diseases. But the proper safety measures for the prevention of pandemic diseases must be followed in order to remain in a good health.