Opium Cone Incense

SKU IN11.13O

Pure Natural Opium Cone Incenses handmade by NepaCrafts.
These Opium Cone Incenses are made from delicate blends of opium extracts, selected natural herbs, spices and plant resins. These are non-toxic, non-addictive and all natural Cone Incenses with natural smell. Opium has been associative of dream element so it is best to light it to get better sleep and comfort. It can be burnt in any time of the day to feel relaxed and comfortable.

These cone incense are packed in a zip lock packet to allow freshness till the last one and are packed in a beautiful NepaCrafts box which has a beautiful quote by Rumi. The box contains 50 cones and two round mini clay incense burners.

Nepacrafts has worked very scientifically to formulate this all natural cone incense. It is one of the best incenses you can find. This incense gives an aroma so sweet just like the roses in the garden.


• 100% Natural
• No Artificial Fragrance
• Non toxic, Non addictive.

Length of Cone incense = 1.2"
No. of Incense in a Pack = 50
Weight when packed:70 grams

Eco Friendly

Products prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution

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