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OM Engraved 50 CM Tibetan Gong 19"

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This is a beautifully crafted Tibetan gong with intricate designs and symbols. The gong features multiple concentric circles, each adorned with the sacred "Om" symbol, which is central to Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The outermost circle contains smaller circles, each with an "Om" symbol surrounded by detailed patterns and inscriptions. Moving inward, there are additional circular layers, each intricately decorated, leading to a central mandala-like design.

The craftsmanship highlights the cultural and spiritual significance of the gong, with the "Om" symbol representing the essence of the ultimate reality or consciousness. The detailed patterns and inscriptions add to the gong's aesthetic and spiritual value, making it not only a musical instrument but also a piece of art used in meditation and rituals.

The gong set includes two drum sticks of size 12" and 12.5"(Felt).

The above set does not include the altar cloth.

Size: 19.5" Diameter x 1" width
Weight: 3.3 kg approx.