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Kopan Nunnery Pure Land Incense

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Kopan Nunnery Pure Land Incense-Tibetan Incense-Healing Incense,Inspiration Incense,Meditation Incense and Relaxation Incense

1. Tibetan Inspiration Incense: This high quality incense is made of the finest ingredients and based on a combination of herbs, flowers and resins from Nepal and Tibet. It uplifts and inspires the mind and counteracts depression and anxiety.

2. Tibetan Healing Incense: This high quality incense contains 25 precious medicinal plants. It lessens all physical pain, stimulates digestion, promotes physical splendor and mental stability and clarity of mind.

3. Tibetan Relaxation: This high quality incense contains herbs and trees from the mountain meadows of the Everest Area of Nepal. It refreshes, relaxes and uplifts the mind, prevents sluggishness and fatigue and promotes good energy.

4. Tibetan Meditation Incense: This high quality incense contains special herbs and sandalwood that calms the mind. It prevents depression and anxiety and promotes good sleep, mental quietude and peace of mind.

    22 cm Long
     8.6" Long
    20 gm
    Contains 10 Incense sticks


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