NepaCrafts Handmade Agarwood Herbal Rope Incense


This is a Nepalese handmade Agarwood rope incense. This incense has been used for cultural, religious and medicinal purpose. It is abundantly used in stupas, temples for aromatic ambiance.

The ingredients for this incense are powdered Agarwood, White Sandal Wood, Red Sandalwood and Dhupi found in the high Himalayas of Nepal. It gives a woody fragrance and is good for anxiety, stress and flow of qi.

Rope incense have special technique to prepare by filling the natural herbs into Eco friendly lokta paper and twisting it to make a rope incense. Each rope incense is hand rolled carefully. In the Himalayas, these rope incense making is process is used from generation to generation.

The incenses are non addictive and eco-friendly.
Size: 4"
Weight: 50 grams approx (bunch)
Number of incense: 50 pieces