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NEPA Full Moon Engraved Healing Singing Bowl 11"

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Full moon singing bowl is used in meditation for healing and relaxation sound therapy. This singing bowl is made on a full moon evening of each month to enhance the direct moon light and energy for healing vibration to the singing bowl. This singing bowl is carefully chosen for maximizing the benefit of healing purpose while playing it.

The workers who make this full moon singing bowl purify their body with a ritual and make themselves very clean and calm. Then they make the alloy, beat the metal and give the full moon bowl its final shape. The bowl is made in a place that ensures the metal gets the hundred percent light of the moon on its surface.

Size: 11.2" Diameter x 4.8" Height
Weight: 2.38 kg approx

Size of Cushion= 7" Diameter
Size of Fat Mallet= 8" L
Size of Drum Stick= 12" L