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Meenu Shakya Hand Painted Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

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This is a wonderful creation of art that is handpianted by the Meenu Shakya. This statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is made with so much of love and care. A dye is created by our master sculptor who specializes in creating various forms of Buddha.

The Shakyamuni Buddha is seated on a lotus as platform, holds a vase in his left hand and meditating calmly while is hand touches the ground in the Bhumisparsa pose. This statue is made of resin. The statue is then hand-painted by our painting artist Ms. Meenu Shakya. Here, the embossed painting skills is used where the robe of the statue and the flower are embossed with colors.

The color combination Blue and red makes the statue look so perfect.

Size: 9" H X 6"W X 4" D
Weight: 1090 grams approx.
Resin Statue painted with 24 K Powder Gold.

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