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Medium Om Prayer Scarves with Fringes

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Color: Dark Orange

Commonly known as Om Scarf, Yoga Scarf, Meditation Scarf, Meditation prayer Scarf, Prayer Scarf, Prayer Scarf, Om Prayer Scarf.

In Hinduism, it is believed that one should first possess a clear mind and a pure body before worshipping the god or goddess. This applies not only for Pujas and worshipping of gods but for everything we do including meditation, healing process, yoga or any specific spiritual activities.

This is also a sacred prayer scarf to cover you into the devotion of god or oneself. The Om Mantra and the various patterns surround you with energy.

Om Yoga Meditation scarf is perfect wear for Summer which keeps you cool and is very light & comfortable to wear as well as easy to carry on. Om Yoga Meditation Cotton scarf is 100% pure Cotton made in Nepal. This shawl is generally worn during meditation, puja, yoga, spiritual travels and journeys.

Om is the most powerful syllable in the world and is a name of Shiva. Also called AUM.

Size: 70" L X 18" B

Weight:75 grams