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Meditation on White Tara With The Mantra of Infinite Light Buddha, Amitayus

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Meditation of White Tara

"The purpose of having a long human life is not so that you can create more negative karma, the cause of samsara. It is not so that you can give more harm to others, thus creating more negative karma, the cause of the lower realms. It's not that. The purpose of causing a long life is to have more time to practice Dharma. And of all the Dharma practices, the most important is that of benefiting others. This is the one to actualize. To do this you must develop your mind in the path to enlightenment. That is the reason we need a long life."-Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche

The practice of White Tara is designed to strengthen and restore good health and life-force energy. During this ritual, we gather from the universe all the various elements needed to sustain and nurture health and life and consciously free ourselves from all life obstacles. In addition, by relying upon White Tara, the "Wish-fulfilling Wheel," we are able to quickly gain whatever is needed to accomplish our aims in this life.

This meditation can be done on behalf of oneself or others. It is especially powerful to do if one has experienced many health problems, accidents, or if one has suffered from depression and a loss of "lust for life".