Medicine Buddha Mendrup Consecrated Blessed Protection Amulet

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This is a very special consecrated or blessed amulet made of Mendrup.

Mendrup is praised as a supreme samaya substance. It is a wish fulfilling jewel that grants liberation without practice. It is also known as the Liberation of Taste.

This special medicine is formulated by combining Eight major and thousand minor substances. The Eight major ones are Red Sandalwood, Malamanupatra, cloves, betel nuts, saffron, nutmeg, camphor and Cinnamon. The minor thousand susbtances are all the essence of appearance and existence so it can be anything from herbs and plants to spices and more.

It is said that coming in contact with this medicine just once can relieve your from pain, suffering, tension and will elevate you to the happier and prosperous ground.

The mendrup medicine is made and consecrated or blessed by high Lamas and is consider very sacred. One should be careful while wearing it. It should not get in contact with water. It should not be contaminated. As it is already consecrated, keep it like a treasure which will eventually help you with positive things in life.

This amulet contains small block of consecrated or blessed mendrup which has been painted to form the deity Medicine Buddha or the Healing Buddha.

This mendrup is blessed in Sakya Monastery India and blessed by Sakyo Trizin Rinpoche.

These are protective charms or amulets. It is 1.7" x 1.5"