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Lapis Padmapani Lokeswara Turquoise and Coral Inlaid Masterpiece Statue

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This is a masterpiece Lokeshwara statue handmade in Nepal by our Artist Pratap Shakya. The statue of Padmapani Lokeswara is finely handcrafted into a single Lapis stone to give each details of Lokeshwara perfectly. The face of the statue is gold painted and beautifully highlighted every features of the face of statue. Padmapani Lokeshvara wears all the ornaments typical of a bodhisattva symbolizing his enlightened experiences. Padmapani Lokeshvara wears a silver crown where the Amitabh Buddha is situated. 

The face and robe of the statue is hand painted by our artist Pratap Shakya's wife Meenu Shakya. She visualize the patterns of the painting and then outline and paint the statue completely by her hand. She has an amazing skills of painting and this can be easily visible in this masterpiece statue.

The frame of the statue is completely made of silver and it is inlaid with Coral, Lapis and Turquoise stone. The base of the statue is amazingly decorated with Tibetan eight auspicious symbol inlaid with precious stones.

In this statue, Lokeswara's left hand holds the stalk of the lotus. The right hand, opening outward, is lowered in a gesture of granting favors, which also indicates his readiness to help.

The frame and base of the statue can be easily separated as shown in the picture.
This masterpiece statue is perfect for your living room.

Total Size ( including Base and Frame): 19.4" Height X 7" Width X 8" Depth
Size of Statue: 8.2"