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Masterpiece Buddha Life Carved Shakyamuni Statue 9" High

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This is a beautiful and elegant Shakyamuni statue. The copper oxidation has brought a great look to this masterpiece copper statue. This statue is completely handmade.

Made by a fourth generation sculptor, this statue has been intricately and meticulously carved with various images and floral motifs depicting the Life of Buddha. The carvings depicts the birth of Siddhartha Gautama and his growth into an adulthood. The carving of him during his young days as a Prince traveling across his country in his chariot and seeing elderly people, sickness, death are depicted in a meaningful way. Also are carvings of him walking like a yogi and meditating to attain enlightenment is shown very beautifully. Finally this stage of Nirvana is superbly carved at the back of the lotus pedestal.

This is one of the most unique statues you can have of Buddha with all stages of his life dramatically carved. This statue is 9.1 inch high.

This statue has a chamber at the bottom for filling.

Size : 7.9"L X 5.5"B X 9"
Weight : 2310 grams