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Masterpiece 24 K Gold Aparmitta 14"H Sculpture Buddhist Deity

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Introducing our stunning 24k Gold Aparmita Statue, a radiant embodiment of boundless love, compassion, and luminous enlightenment. This intricately crafted masterpiece captures the sublime essence of Aparmita, the bodhisattva of immeasurable radiance, adorned with a luxurious layer of 24k gold.

The gold-plated finish not only adds opulence but also signifies the pure, enlightened qualities associated with Aparmita. Every detail, from the serene facial expression to the gracefully flowing robes, reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and devotion of skilled artisans who have brought this timeless symbol to life.

Aparmita's pose emanates tranquility and a profound connection to the universal source of love. Whether gracing your home, meditation sanctuary, or office, this statue serves as a beacon of spiritual illumination, inspiring inner peace and compassion.

Elevate your surroundings with the timeless beauty and spiritual significance embodied in our 24k Gold Aparmita Statue. Allow its presence to serve as a daily reminder of boundless love, compassion, and the radiant light that resides within and around us.

Crafted by Mr Rajan Shakya

Size: 13.8" H X 11.5" W X 7.5" D
Weight: 4.25 kg approx