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Mastercarving Tibetan Ritual Silver Sterling Double Dorjee Vajra

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This is a silver vajra. It is a Tibetan ritual object and known as Double Dorjee or vajra. All the spokes meet at the end making it a peaceful vajra.

Vajra is an important ritual tool in the Buddhist Dharma. Normally a Vajra is accompanied by the bell which already has a half Vajra attached to it. Bell sounds the Dharma Sound.

Vajra is also a weapon which is considered to be the main wrathful source of Thunderstorm. It is indestructible and sometimes compared with a diamond.

Size: 3"L x 0.8"W
Weight: 50 grams approx.

Silver Sterling 925

Handcrafted by  M. Shakya in Boudhanath, Kathmandu

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