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Mantra and religious holy substances for filling of Buddhist statues - Shakyamuni

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This complete set is used for the consecration Buddhist deity statues of 8" Height. It will be given to a Lama who knows the statue consecration rituals and will practice this ritual to fill and bless your statue.

This set contains:
various mantras necessary for various parts of a statue,
body, speech & mind pills,
medicinal, herbal & incense powder,
wooden central channel (sokshing),
easy to use epoxy for sealing.

In Buddhism, the creation and consecration of statues involve the use of mantras and religious holy substances. Mantras, sacred sounds or phrases like "Om Mani Padme Hum," are chanted during the process to infuse the statue with spiritual energy and blessings, often associated with specific Bodhisattvas or qualities. Religious holy substances such as precious stones, relics, sacred herbs, and mantra scrolls are used in filling and consecrating statues, symbolizing purity, auspiciousness, healing, and the transmission of spiritual wisdom. These rituals are deeply symbolic and aim to transform the statue into a potent object of veneration and meditation, capable of inspiring devotion and facilitating spiritual growth in accordance with the specific practices of different Buddhist traditions and lineages.


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