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Manjushree 24 K Gold Copper Statue

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Introducing the Gold-Plated Copper Manjushri Statue, a stunning embodiment of wisdom and enlightenment. Standing at 9 inches tall, this exquisite statue beautifully captures the essence of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom. Crafted with meticulous detail from high-quality copper and adorned with a luxurious layer of gold plating, this statue radiates elegance and spirituality.

The Gold-Plated Copper Manjushri Statue exudes a divine aura with its golden sheen, elevating its beauty to new heights. Each intricately crafted feature, from Manjushri's serene expression to the graceful lines of his sword, reflects the pinnacle of artistic mastery.

Manjushri, revered in Buddhism, serves as a guiding force on the path to enlightenment. By inviting this statue into your sacred space or home, you invite the energies of wisdom, clarity, and spiritual transformation. Its presence inspires contemplation, introspection, and the cultivation of inner understanding.

With its compact 9-inch height, this statue is an exquisite centerpiece, fitting perfectly in meditation rooms, on altars, or as a cherished art piece in any living space. Its craftsmanship and gold-plated finish make it a captivating fusion of beauty and spirituality.

Embrace the wisdom and enlightenment of Manjushri with the Gold-Plated Copper Manjushri Statue-an inspiring symbol of spiritual growth and aesthetic grace. Let it serve as a constant reminder to seek wisdom and embody compassion on your journey toward self-realization.

Size: 9" Height x 6" Wide x 3.1" Depth
Weight: 1435 grams approx