Mandala Clay Incense Burner


Mandala Clay Incense Burner- Buddhist Mandala Incense Burner NEPAL

This clay incense burner is round and has a Mandala Design in the middle and is surrounded by Lotus Leaves. This incense holder has two holes-one slightly bigger than the other, in order to hold two different kinds of incense sticks.
This beautiful Clay Mandala Incense Holder(also known as Incense Burner) holds the incense in a right manner to collect all the ash and remains after the incense has burnt.

Handmade in Nepal and is available in two colors
1. Brown Color
2. Natural Color

Material: Terracotta
12.2 Ø X 2.3 cm H
4.8"Ø X 0.8"H
Weight:160 grams