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Malmal-Dhaka Nepalese Traditional Handwoven 3 Layer Blue Blanket

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This is a soft and warm traditional three layer pure cotton hand woven Dhaka print blanket . This blanket is very soft, warm and skin friendly.

In this Three Layer Pure Cotton Blanket, the two outer layers are very soft Muslin Cloth ( 'Mal Mal' in Nepali) with a center of pure cotton Dhaka printed fabric. This traditional Nepalese cloth carries great traditional value in Nepal and has many benefits. Mal Mal being 100% pure cotton, is very good for people with skin conditions such as sensitive skin or highly inflamed skin. Also, it is used as a wrap or blanket for babies to protect their skin and keep them warm.

This blanket is widely used by all age groups and ethnicity in Nepal.

How to wear:-pulling the ends through a loop making a muffler/scarf or wrap over your shoulders.

Give it a try, you will love the warmth and comfort it gives. Its a promise.

Measurement:(in inches): 88"L X 44"B
Weight: 430 grams